About the Company

Andersson & Co AS was established in Grimstad in 2000 and has its business within business advice and corporate management. The company is owned by Arve Andersson through ArvAnder AS.

Our clients are local, national as well as international companies.

Andersson & Co AS offers strategic, financial and commercial advice. In addition we take on leading roles in both companies and projects.

Together with co-investors we invest in selected companies and projects where we take on board memberships or key positions. 

Our activities are within


  • Strategy
  • Financing
  • Projects/project management


  • Financing
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Sale and acquisitions of business
  • Equity movements


  • Corporate Management
  • "Management for Hire"
  • Initiating business
  • Board activities
  • Project management

"Do business with pleasure - or do not do it at all"

Andersson & Co AS - Bark Silasvei 8, N-4876 Grimstad

Org.nr.: 915 515 096 MVA