Vaholmen VOC Recovery AS

Borgmuren AS

Venture Drilling AS

K Line Offshore AS

Eastern Drilling ASA

Grimstad Eiendomsutvikling AS

Vragviga Invest AS

AU Bulk Ltd/AU Tank Ltd/AUS Tank AS

Advise and Transactions:

Vaholmen VOC Recovery AS - Startup and management

Kanfer Shipping AS – structuring, negotiations and financing

Arendal Brygge AS – Real estate project

Reddal Sand AS – New Sandpit at Lundemoen – Negotiations, financing and formalities

Sparebanken Sør - Advisory

J.B. Ugland Eiendom AS. UiA og Nodi : Forretungsplan for Mechatronics Innovation Lab

Sparebanken Sør og Sparebanken Pluss – assistance with merger process

Sale of Ugland Industrier AS under our alliance with Skagerak Capital

Vestland Offshore AS

Norsafe AS

Cecon ASA - Financial Advisory

Markhus AS

Masterferries AS - Merging with Fjord Line

Agder Mat Foredling AS - Acquisition and property development

Noratel AS/Toroid AB - Sales to Ferd Private Equity

Andreas Ugland & Sons AS - Structuring and merging

Ugland International Holdings AS - Sale of HUAL and car carriers


Fuhr Park AS

Guldmand Brygge AS


Grøm Næringsutvikling AS